Quick Update

We had a great time hosting my buddy Calvin L last week for four days.  I showed him the coolest spots in Budapest and will get some pictures up soon.  Calvin is a great travel companion and loves soaking up the culture and unique experiences.  We both love cafes but he loves them on a whole different level and was generous to treat me to a wine-tasting session his last day.

This past weekend we spent lots of time with Agi's mom and went hiking on Saturday and went on a big walk around Margaret Island after church on Sunday. We drove up today to Aunt Eva's place for the annual blowout Easter celebration with Agi's relatives.  More pictures to come there too.  Happy Easter!

I've almost finished the novel "the Sparrow" and am making my way through Tim Keller's excellent and compelling "the Reason for God."  We also saw the very funny "Meet the Parents" a few nights ago for the first time--Agi and I both loved it.  One of our favorite comedies.

Agi and I fly back to Portland on April 26th.  I'm looking forward to a quick 3-day side-trip to Albania this weekend to visit some friends and check out the ministry there I had participated in back in 1995.


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