Nike Run

This past Sunday Ivy and I joined my sister and her husband Mark at the Nike campus for a 5k run to support our friend Bridget and cancer research. Mark made cool t-shirts which all twenty of us on the "I Love You Bridget" team sported.  It was a great experience and Ivy and I were very moved by how many people were out there to support loved ones suffering from cancer.  We also saw a number of cancer survivors who were running and that was definitely encouraging and inspiring.  But we were sobered up when we saw quite a few young kids (under 10) with bald heads who were pulled in wagons or brought along on bicycle seats by their parents.

The whole event was very impressively run and well organized and the Nike headquarters/campus is the most beautiful corporate environment I've ever seen.  (There's a great shrine in a building devoted entirely to Tiger Woods too).   "Tour de Lance Armstrong" was there and his Livestrong organization sponsored the whole thing.  I think it's great he's spending so much time and energy on this important issue and when he spoke he sounded like a good guy. 

Ivy and I haven't done an organized run together before--especially for such a noble purpose--and it really was energizing and a something we want to do again. Above all, our hearts and prayers go out to dear Bridget.


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