Moving--Call from the Army--80's Party

We spent all of Thursday, Friday and Saturday in one mammoth boxing, carrying and moving process.  We genuinely felt we didn't have too much stuff but we were deceived after we had to go and buy more boxes, fill then up and carry them down our three flights of stairs in a seemingly endless process (no elevator).

We had two welcome breaks, however.  First, on Thursday, Ivy got a call on her mobile phone from someone who asked if she wanted to join the army.  It turned out to be a recruiter from the U.S. army named"Sergeant Hunter".  After lots of careful consideration and despite positive encouragement from me, Ivy had to decline.  (I suspect they got a hold of the lists of "new citizens" since Ivy became a citizen last Spring).

The second fun break came from the awesome 80's party on Fri night thrown for Todd K by his wife Grace.   They rented out "The Vault" in downtown San Jose and played 80's tunes all night long.  Ivy and I dressed up and I'll post some pictures.  Was great seeing good friends Alex and Kristen there.

We're now at my parents near Sac and worked a full day for our companies remotely.  We love working remotely and are actually more productive without the commute and all the time I spend getting ready in the morning to dress for success.

Image I want to remember:  when Ivy was carrying out our vacuum cleaner to our Uhaul truck from our apartment, she looked just like Jennifer Lopez from Maid in Manhattan (at least how she looks on the movie poster since we haven't seen the movie...)

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