The last couple of weeks we saw three movies and I'm glad I can recommend all of them:

- The Namesake: About a couple that immigrates from India to the US and the cross-cultural challenges between their American kids and Indian heritage.  The footage of modern India was particularly interesting.

- Once:  A simple and very compelling love story set in Dublin, Ireland.  Two talented, unknown musicians find each other, hit it off and record an album together.  She's from the Czech Republic and he's from Ireland.  The film is essentially a musical, with 60% filled with awesome music that the two "actors" (who have never actually been in a movie before but are good musicians) wrote themselves.  My sister, brother in law and I all got the soundtrack.

- I am Legend:  Excellent. This is a cross between "Castaway" with Tom Hanks and "Mad Max" with Mel Gibson (and a good zombie movie) set in New York city.  Will Smith did a fabulous job portraying the loneliness that would come from being away from all human contact.  His perseverance to find a cure for the nasty disease that wiped out most of mankind is inspiring.

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