Movie Update

We've watched this past week (and recently re-subscribed to Netflix--we love
those guys):

- Love Story: Excellent. The male lead was especially good and authentic I
thought. My expectations were low for this film (thought it would be
standard chick flick) and the characters developed in a very genuine way.
Agi loved this movie in high school and said she specifically remembers how
the young couple were studying together all entangled on the couch and
thought that's the way to to go.

- Born into Brothels: Very moving real-life portrayal of kids living with
their parents in a brothel in India and a young American woman's efforts to
give them a better life and an education.

- Underground: A Serbian movie some friends from church highly recommended
and one that Agi had seen in college. She said it's like "Pulp Fiction of
Central Europe." It was wild, maniacal, beautifully filmed and left you
with an understanding of the deep tragedy that the Yugoslavian countries
lived through in the 20th century. Others brutally abused them and they
abused themselves up through the 1990s.

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