Minimalism makes a lot of sense and I've been reading several blogs about it--minimalism as a lifestyle, mindset and aesthetic style too.  There's a powerful correlation between not wanting more things and thereby appreciating what you already have in life.  Here's an excerpt on contentment and entertainment, minimalist-style: I believe if you find contentment, you don’t need entertainment. That’s not to say you’d never watch TV or good films or go to parties or theme parks … but you wouldn’t need them for entertainment. You wouldn’t go shopping to fill an empty space in your life, to fill the need of finding happiness, because you’re already content and don’t have that empty space or need.

Finding contentment is learning to appreciate what you already have, learning the concept of having enough, learning to enjoy the simple things. It isn’t an overnight thing, but as you become more conscious of it, you’ll find more contentment and need to be entertained less.

So the question remains: what do I do for fun?

I’ve made space for what’s most important to me, by eliminating the unnecessary. That’s what minimalism is really about, at its core, not emptying your life.

What’s important to me: family, writing, reading, running. And so my fun is finding time for those four things.