Mimi and Fabio

Last weekend we had a fabulous visit with some adventurous friends who are currently living in Rome and will be moving to Vietnam this Summer.  Mimi is a good friend from high school and it's been a lot of fun to get back in touch the last few years.  She's been teaching at an international school in Italy the last 6-7 years and married a cool Italian guy named Fabio this past Summer.  They're moving to Saigon to teach and work for a few years and then probably head back to Italy.  Mimi is very impressive in that she is now fluent in Italian (and also Japanese and English).

We're looking forward to visiting them the end of May (Agi's 30th bday weekend!) for our first trip to Rome.  Agi and I went to Venice for our honeymoon but now we're ready for the big leagues of this huge, world-class city packed full of culture and history.  Years ago I bought Agi a book called "A Literary Companion to Rome" with famous authors' impressions of the city.  It's now on a book shelf to the right of me and I'm going to try to read this before we arrive.

Last weekend we had a lot of fun, among other things, hearing about the bitter rivalry between the Italians and the French and how much the two countries don't like each other (admittedly, Fabio says, because they're so similar.)  Who has the best food, the  most beautiful language, the best football teams, the best looking women?...  He also shared a very funny story about how he and a French guy almost got in a fight in a wedding in the U.S. because the French guy was mocking Fabio and another Italian guy (and Fabio is actually very mild mannered).

Allright--here are some pictures!


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