Latest & Some Videos

Here's a quick update on what we've been up to recently and I've also posted in some videos from the Rome trip.  (I'm still trying to find the right balance when taking videos with my digital camera--not too long so that it'll eat up my memory card, but not too short either.  I think my next videos will be longer because we now have a second gigabyte of memory).

- New condo: we did a walk-through of the place this past Friday and it is looking good (we negotiated to have them take out a wall in kitchen to open it up into the living room.)  Also, Agi in particular has enjoyed picking out the type and color of the cabinets for the kitchen with her mom.  A suggestion that Uncle Peter has for us that I think we'll probably implement:  replacing the normal toilet with a bidet.  I used one of these in Japan and definitely liked it.  We'll start moving in to our new place the end of June when I return from my brief trip back to the U.S.

- 24:  Started watching the second season of this amazing show.  I love how we can choose when we want to watch shows and movies these days--even years later than when they're broadcast.

- Walk:  We really enjoyed a great walk on Saturday all over Margaret Island-- a nice big island park (no cars allowed ) in the middle of the Danube with a spectacular view of the Parliament building.  Lots of runners, euro-football players, and picnic-ers.  There has been lots of thunder and lightning (with occassional rain) the last week or two and it's lots of fun to be outside and feel the storm.

- "Man Purse":  Yes, I'm looking for a bag that I can carry my stuff around in (Fabio referred to it as a "man purse" but he said lots of Italian guys have these so he's just joking around...)  It's a great way to carry a camera, a mobile phone, a book, something to eat and a water bottle too.  For people who walk a lot, it's a great way to go.  So it's more of a camera bag/delivery guy's bag than a "purse"...


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