Keeping busy

Ivy and I have been on the move since we arrived back in the U.S.  The main thing keeping us busy is our Turbo Review website and we are making solid progress there.  It also took some time to settle in and we did squeeze in a trip to Ikea last week as well to supplement our sparsely furnished condo.  And, of course, we made time to watch the big debate on Friday with Obama and McCain (and I still haven't forgotten about posting why conservatives should vote for Obama).

Looking ahead, I'm also thinking of trying to do shorter, quicker posts here.  I view this blog as a place for memories mainly and I hope someday my grandkids could "check out what Grandpa Erick was doing in 2008," for example.

Some random notes from the last week:

- During the business "discussion sessions" Ivy and I have, I started pulling out various cliches and analogies (which is a very American thing to do).  Mainly to amuse myself--I thought these were much more funny than Ivy did--I started coming up with "European" version of these analogies:  (e.g., "We need to go the extra kilometer"...  And instead of "Let's touch base in a couple days" it's "Let's make out on the metro in a couple days...")

- A nice checkout guy at the supermarket asked Ivy and I for our ID when we came through with a bottle of wine.  A few days later this time all I had was a bottle of Nutella.  He smiled and I thought he was going to see my ID again, but for the opposite reason: to see if I'm too old to be eating Nutella...

Final thought: ever since my 401K nearly vaporized because of the ongoing economic crisis, I've still been content knowing that this nearly guarantees that Obama will get elected.  Yeah baby.

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