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I recently finished Gary Haugen's "Good News About Injustice" audiobook. He's the founder of the International Justice Mission and a friend of mine and his wife spent a summer in Thailand helping bust criminals who abused children. I wanted to remember several great points in his book:

- Churches should fight on behalf of individuals rather than for a specific economic or political system--and thus case work goes directly to helping people in need. I agree with this though of course governments and other individuals can and should fight against communism and totalitarianism to help people--this just shouldn't be the emphasis of the Christian church.

- Just over a hundred years ago, America was in very bad shape in terms of human rights. Besides the obvious civil rights and racial and gender inequality issues, there were actually brothels in the US were children were enslaved and the local authorities didn't do anything about it (sounds like many third world countries of today--and this can actually show that progress can happen faster than you'd expect).

- He had a sobering quote from a theologian (someone named Wright I believe) regarding the problem of evil: no supposed "solutions" regarding the explanation for evil can be taken seriously unless they address issues like the intentional burning of children.

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