Halloween, Calvin & Portland

My good buddy Calvin came up to visit for three days. We took him all over the city and he and I indulged in lots of good conversation as we stopped by various cool pubs and coffee houses.  Portland doesn't disappoint--it's a fabulous city.  Not too big, very walkable, clean, friendly, sophisticated and beautiful. Agi and I have only really lived here about four months total so we're still exploring a lot.

Some highlights with Calvin (and he needs to send over some pictures he took with his phone):  Pittock Mansion, Voodoo donuts (and the amazingly tasty bacon maple donut).  Showing him our new church on Sunday, getting a parking ticket (the only low moment), walking around the Japanese Garden, hitting Hawthorne street (but missing out on visiting the intriguing "Rimsky Korsacoffee" cafe). 

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