Gostling, Austria: Where Scenic is a Way of Life

This past Wednesday evening, our friends Adel and Andris picked us up and we drove about four hours here to Gostling, Austria for some skiing and enjoying the outdoors.  We're not that far from Vienna and it didn't take that long to go from Budapest to roughly the middle of Austria. 

Agi and I went cross-country skiing yesterday and today I'm doing some reading, walking and working on the computer here at the house we're staying at.  Agi and the others are downhill skiing today.

This town--like so much we've seen in Austria--is very scenic.  We're in the foothills of the Alps so the mountains are definitely not "hills" but aren't as huge as what you think of when you hear "the Alps."  We love the peaceful setting, the quiet, grassy meadows and the Austrian "Almdudler" drink.  In fact, Agi is now calling me dudler because I like it so much.

Here are some pictures.  (The first one below is where we're staying. Note: we have only a third of the house to ourselves.  But we have our own kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, etc--the house is divided into apartments.  Good price too:  55 euro per night for all four of us.)

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