Last night I read an article from the Economist entitled "Gendercide - the War on Baby Girls." I was definitely moved by it (Agi had urged me to read the article earlier) and the number of young baby girls (and boys) who are killed via abortion or otherwise is incomprehensible and shocking.  Hearing our own infant baby's heartbeat at 6 weeks from the time of conception only crystallized this issue for me further. The challenge is that adoption and foster parenting is very difficult work. But white American slaveowners used to say that slavery was an economic necessity -- and this just 150 years ago.

Final thought: the extent to which little girls in particular are killed made me think of the sci-fi novel The Sparrow where one group of humanoids was raised for food by another. I'm certain morally-inclined aliens visiting our planet would be shocked by how we kill off our unborn kids.