Drill Baby Drill

The past two weekends we finished off some satisfying home improvement projects that made our condo look much homier. We painted downstairs two different shades of green (on different walls...) and a nice dark "toffee" upstairs on one wall.

This past weekend Ivy and I cracked ourselves up as we chanted "drill baby drill" (the Republicans' chant to drill for oil in Alaska) as I drilled up some cool Ikea shelves in our family room--the kind that look like they're "floating" on the wall.  I'm glad I'm finally able to put the drill set my dad got me to good use.  My brother in law Mark gave me some key pointers on what type of drill bit I'd need to drill through metal and it worked.  I also mentioned to Ivy that she should be the one drilling away with metal shards flying because that's exactly what the attractive young brunette in Flashdance did.

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