Different College Major

If I had the chance to do my undergrad education over again, I'd probably have majored in world history.  But what's good now is that I can learn to my heart's content and one of the most satisfying things is seeing connections in different books and learning about the same characters & important figures in world history.

I'm listening to a book on Western philosophy and the author is hitting on the major Greek figures and currently he's on Aristotle.  Ivy knows all about these guys already from her decidedly more thorough liberal arts education.  What has helped me out is that we also both read a fictional novel called Sophie's World a few years ago by a Scandinavian high school philosophy teacher that was very good in giving an overview of the major western philosophers.

Anyway, my main point is that Aristotle was a student of Plato and the tutor of Alexander the Great (there's the connection between historical figures) and he had a cool statement I wanted to share.  Aristotle said, "Plato is dear to me.  But truth is dearer still."

Final note on this before you hit the snooze button:  for those who don't know a lot about science and want to learn, I highly recommend the Bill Bryson book  on the history of natural science called "A Brief History of Nearly Everything."   It was excellent--informative and entertaining.  (Bryson is normally just a very funny travel writer.)

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