Dear Parent Book

I finished Magda Gerber's "Dear Parent" book last weekend. (Gerber is from Hungary originally, by the way.) My interest in baby info has gone from zero to sixty in the last few months and Agi and I borrowed this book from my sister.  Agi read it first and next I'll follow her w/ BabyWise.  We think Gerber's advice is excellent and makes sense to us:

- Babies hardly need any stimulation for many months. Simply coming out of the womb and breathing, seeing and eating is a sensory overload in itself.  (So no need for toys that make noise or are extra colorful.)

- Respect what the child can do (don't try to get him to sit up extra early) and let the child struggle to reach toys, move around.

- Constantly talk to the baby and tell him what you're going to do.  Rather than just picking him up, tell him you're doing this and give him a chance to get "ready." (For a second or two).

- Serve your baby lots of skittles and cheetos. ;)


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