Christmas Tree Farm in Santa Cruz

On Sunday afternoon, Ivy and I met up with my sister Laurel (often called Yardu--this is the name my little brother Matthew gave her when he was very young and couldn't pronounce tricky names like her's).  We met Laurel and her relatively new Boyfriend--oww!-- David up in Santa Cruz.  This area really is gorgeous.  All the big, green pine trees, mountains and ocean are a beautiful combination.  It's expensive to live there too but if you could get a nice set-up (as David does) right in Mount Herman or Mission Springs, you are set!

We went out to the Johnson Family Christmas tree farm and enjoyed the festive atmosphere, took a lot of pictures (will post some soon) and liked seeing all the kids run around excitedly, petting the goats, and riding the tractor around the farm.  It must be incredibly hard work, but I can see the appeal of farm living.  (Growing up, my Mom did have a goat, some chickens and horses at our home in Cupertino.  Perhaps it was a mini-farm?).  I have fond memories of throwing farm apples at my sisters when we had to clean the horse stall.

Santa Cruz Christmas Tree Farm 2006 004Santa Cruz Christmas Tree Farm 2006 007Santa Cruz Christmas Tree Farm 2006 017

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