Back for some more

After a year off from the blog I'm persuaded I should pick it up again.  Last summer I was thinking that I need to be focused more on doing than writing about things, but the downside is that I don't remember what happened months or even weeks ago.  So the plan is to do more of both. I need to keep things brief(er) too.  So a quick update on the year:

- Moved into our first house (rather than a condo) last October here in NW Portland.  It's great having a yard for our growing family.

- Our second son B. was born this past Sunday! Agi did great and he is a healthy, strong bambino.

- My parents moved up here a few months ago and Agi let me go with them on an awesome Rick Steves tour to Italy in April.  My sister is now traveling in Spain for the summer and hopefully all of next year.  I enjoyed helping her get an iPad and keyboard as a laptop replacement just last week.

- I'm pushing ahead with my web business and spending lots of time with the family.  Have been reading a bunch of great books (on my kindle and from Audible).  Am currently very inspired to get outdoors a lot more with the kids and emulate (kind of) my new idol:  Bear Grylls.  Teddy Roosevelt meets James Bond in the wilderness. Just watched a second episode of his last night.

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