A movie that was filmed over 35 years

Ivy and I saw the very good British documentary "42 Up" yesterday.  It followed the lives of about 10 different people starting from age 7 through 42.  Every seven years they interviewed each person (and any spouses or kids they picked up along the way) and it was remarkable seeing the changes that took place each time. 

It was also very interesting trying to predict how people would turn out based upon seeing them at age 7 and 14 especially.  About half the kids were relatively poor or lower middle class and half were privileged.  Having a stable home growing up and getting a good education were all pretty crucial for how people turned out but not entirely decisive factors.

A sobering thought for me was that I'm entering the age 35 milestone in just two months!...  The people in the video for the most part were looking rather middle-aged at 35....

Also, we streamed this video off the "watch now" feature of netflix and it worked very well for us--better in fact than running a dvd on our laptop (there were less "motion artifacts"/smearing going on).

I recommend this movie.

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