A Good, Interesting day

We started off the morning by meeting up with the leader of a four-day bus trip to Transylvania, Romania we're going to take with Agi's Mom in August.  We met at the Gellert Hotel to sign some forms and give him the cash (they don't take credit cards since they're a small operation).  We had some mineral water outside on the veranda and I realized I like meeting in classy hotel settings with lots of foreign languages being spoken around us.

We had to change our route for a few other errands because--interestingly enough--a huge and still live World War II bomb that had been dropped by the Americans was found as a construction company was digging underneath a building.  This prompted a massive multi-block evacuation of 60,000 people and the police were swarming to clear everyone out.  I decided not to wear my red, white and blue US flag t-shirt today.

Also, on the tram I was very touched when I saw a young couple holding hands.  The young man was good-looking, well-dressed and was blind with a white cane.  He was very happily talking with his girlfriend, a girl who I guess could be described either as a midget or as suffering from dwarfism.  She was cute and seemed very kind and I felt happy for them and I suppose compassionate at the same time.  Their partnership is working well and it again reinforced the thought that I have from time to time: my life is very easy and I have few real obstacles in it.

I finished off my day with an amazingly satisfying tennis session with Agi's brother Miki.  It was awesome to play hard for an hour and with someone definitely better than me but who I could still compete with.  I want to keep athletics and exercise a part of my life as long as I physically can.  A good day.

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